Fasting prayer:
A monthly corporate fasting prayer to let believers come truly close to God and become sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Prayers are taken up for various prayer needs that people may have.
Fasting Prayer is held on the Third Saturday of each month at 10.30 AM in one of the Believer’s homes.

Night prayer:
Usually held the night before Communion Sunday for believers to sanctify themselves in the presence of God and make themselves worthy to partake in the Table of the Lord.
Night Prayer is held on the First Saturday night each month at 9.00 PM in one of the Believer’s homes.

Telecon prayer:
This is a wonderful tool thru which men and women from the various parts of the country come together in one accord and pray for many important prayer needs that cover every need. Plus, there is a Bible study, Meditation, Testimonies and various other activities that lift up people Spiritually. Many un-churched men and women are able to have true Christian Fellowship.
Home Cell Meeting is held at Bro. Inder’s Residence on all Thursdays at 7.30 PM – Address: 8 Bowstring way, Marlborough MA 01752 – Ph. 508 887 1002

Cell Group:
Home group cell help believers come together in different areas to study the Bible, share their testimonies and above all witness non Christian friends whom they would be inviting for these meetings. A very safe tool to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the community where we live.
Look at the Schedules for the timings of the Cell Groups

Women Ministries:
It was to the women to whom the exclusive story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ first revealed. It was they who believed first and left immediately to announce this “Good News” to the men. They were the Apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ and they should have been the ones to be at the scene where resurrection took place and they should have been the ones to “Break News” to others.

Women are very good in boldly speaking out the goodness of God. They come together to encourage each other, share their testimonies and problems with each other. They are encouraged to witness to their friends and neighbours so that they too come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Children Ministries:
We live in a dangerous society where our children are exposed to many worldly attractions and temptations. Before the world puts our children in its own mould, it is very important for our children to know the Lord and understand the destiny they could have in Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he has to go and even in his old age he will not depart from it.
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